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“My mommy’s milk is good stuff!”

Many people are interested in the flavor and health benefits of raw milk, but its legal status differs from state to state, and in many it’s completely illegal to sell. People use a variety of legal dodges to consume the forbidden moo/maaah juice, such as cooperatively “buying” the animal from the farmers and paying them to board and milk her, in which case they are consuming the milk of their own personal livestock. The courts have taken differing views of such tactics, but there is a vocal and growing group of Americans asserting the how-much-more-obvious-could-something-be right to make their own food choices. Some people even smuggle it from “free” states back to their home states! And some of those have been arrested, not surprising in a time when Amish farmers get raided by SWAT teams for living as they have always done. Oregon is better than most on this issue. It’s legal to sell raw milk to visitors at the farm as long as you have no more than 9 goat does or 3 cows that have been bred…but you cannot advertise that you do so.


  1. I saw your milking stanchion. I have built one, but my wife is not happy with the stocks; I used a drop down bar over the feed pan. I need to re-fit it to vertical scissors such as yours. Can you tell me the the width you used for the slot when closed? We have Nigerian Dwarfs and La Manchas. Wife’s (aka “The Commander”) desired end state is mini-manchas for milk. These our our first, we expect our first kids around December. We live in an raw milk un-friendly state, Tennessee. Any advice you care to throw our way is appreciated.

    Chief of Manure Management and Heavy Lifting at
    Full Moon Farm

    SteveOct 24th, 2011

  2. Hi Steve,

    I see we have similar titles – MM&HL =p

    The width of the opening when the scissors are closed is about 5″. This is *barely* big enough for our mini-obers. Our boer/kiko mix doesn’t come close to fitting in there. I used the studs from two shipping pallets, and the opening is the forklift cutouts in the 2x4s plus a little gap in between where they’re hooked together.

    I could use several different eyes at different places on the one half for the hook in the other half to connect to to make it a little adjustable, but haven’t had to do that yet. If we ever milk the boer, we’ll have to do that, or possibly get whatever you’d use to restrain an angry elephant (meat goats get BIG!)

    PeterNov 1st, 2011

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